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Spare a Thought Redux

December 25, 2015
Posted at 4:50 pm

Four years ago I wrote a post in this series from a very dark place and I have been trying to do two things since:

1) Get my head screwed back on straight.

2) Get out of the nursing home I'm in and back to my home city.

Progress is being made on both fronts but it's both slow and inconsistent. My mother finally lost her battle with Alzheimer's and I couldn't even go to the funeral due to lack of money. Both my brothers have plenty but were worried that the stress of the situation would make me join her and that's the "last thing we need right now (sic)". I'm lost without her. My friends have helped me and so has my son. He was able to visit this summer for three days and I also visited him this spring to try out for a nationally televised game show. So everything is on hold here except...

Those of us here who have even less family than I do need your thoughts and more importantly your DEEDS. There is a place like this in YOUR town. Don't forget about us.