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Chapter 64

December 25, 2015
Posted at 10:43 am

Quite a few readers were wondering whether I was going to have Kelly be killed/kidnapped/raped/etc. by the Bolling gang. Some wanted him to have a shootout with them over her, or a big car chase. Sorry, guys, but it never even crossed my mind. I think that would be a bit too melodramatic for the story. It just didn't fit with my overall conception.

I was surprised when a reader didn't understand the phrase 'better to be judged by twelve than be carried by six.' Judged by twelve implies a jury trial, typically twelve people. Carried by six refers to a typical coffin, which usually gets six pall bearers.

One reader pointed out that Bobbie Joe was in Matucket during the shootout, so why wasn't he at the hospital? That was an excellent point. I added a line specifying he had a test and a professor who was an SOB, and he had gone back to college. Thanks.

Merry Christmas!

- rlfj