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Taking care of several yellow striped stories.

December 25, 2015
Posted at 10:19 am

I had about 16 yellow striped stories recently and decided to take some time to clear them up. It was a lot better than having over a hundred stories yellow striped like I did last year. One of them was "Fiona Murphy's Last Fling". This was really a collection of short stories about one central character. The first 9 chapters were also published in an e-book under the same title. This extra story was done to close it out in the SOL format that requires the story to be marked as finished in the database. I noticed that since the story was first written it has received more than 140,000 downloads in European region but only about 12,000 on the SOL site. I thought that unusual because the SOL site was much larger than the other sites. I suspect it was the age of the central character that put readers off on the SOL site since it was stated as 65 in chapter one. Fiona might be 65 but she doesn't feel like it. In fact, she feels like a much younger woman and she certainly acts out the way she feels in all her adventures.