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New work

December 22, 2015
Posted at 2:33 pm

Hands was my last stand-alone. Lazeez refuses to publish series unless all the books are available on SOL, so I haven't attempted to post since Hands.
I started a new series, The New Frontiers Series, and the first book is now on Amazon under my commercial name, Jack L Knapp.
I'm also back working on the Darwin's World Series; I'm up to Chapter 6 of the current book, working title The Return. For those who believe they understood the first books, well...not exactly! The current book switches things around, and the switches will happen frequently! Anyway, I'm writing a chapter every day or so, and I anticipate publishing this one in about six weeks or two months.
Why not make the earlier books available on SOL? Simply put, I can't afford to. I'm making far too much money by publishing on Amazon, most of it from borrows through the KU program. I can only do that if the books are exclusive to Amazon.