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The Troubling World of Schizo-Feminism

December 20, 2015
Posted at 7:11 am

We're now experiencing 'Fifty Shades of Grey Remorse!'
At one and the same time, we emerge from the Pop Culture fluke of 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Fan Gurlz into campus crusades against 'Rape Culture' in which the coed victim doesn't seem to realize they were 'raped' until they sober up.. AND their best friend / roommate tells them they were assaulted.

And we are seeing over and over, reports of young female teachers who get involved with minor male (and young female) students.

It's not hard to figure out that:
A: Many or most of these women are reliving their fantasy versions of their teen years. What they might have done "if they knew then what they know now."
- That's nothing new. I heard that said by good looking young marrieds, during after-party conversations, over forty years ago.

B: It's barely hinted in press Opinions on the issue but these young impressionable HS boy 'victims' are far from innocent participants.
Also barely hinted, parental negligence in pointing out there is a reason for 'Moral Certainty' when it comes to our western culture.

I suggest that it's not porn, per se, that results in this. It's the normalization of soft porn in media. It's the Feminist Battle Cry Insistence.. that 'It's my sexuality, my body, and what I do with it is MY business'.
- Well, it always was! In my stories, the fem characters always have a strong sexual urge and will confess it, given the right time and situation. But they dont do so publicly.

They will not engage in organized Slut Walking, which bottom line is: "I will show you what you can't touch and you certainly can't fuck, and if you stare too much, then I will make your life miserable."

God, or nature, take your pick; gave us a unique control of our own sexuality. maybe to see how we would handle it.
Fantasies are one thing, acting them out is another. To act them out recklessly is far more damaging to individuals and society as a whole.

So it's a conundrum. 'Hot for Teacher' is delicious in concept. Adult women sexualized to the point of being prey to horny boys' fantasies is troubling. Doing so and documenting it with social media is courting disaster.

Now let's extrapolate this into a big picture understanding of young teen girls who actually elect to join a fundamentalist cult where they KNOW they will be treated as a subservient to the males in the group.

People need and want boundaries. They want safe zones. On campuses over the western world this has translated into a perverted meaning of freedom from 'Ideas that make you uncomfortable'.
"Freedom from having to make decisions about my life view, and how I relate to the world."
And they REALLY want other people to do it for them. In society at large, that will always lead to tyranny and fascism. And so, how better than joining a cult that makes no bones about how women relate to the men in the group.
Don't ever be surprised by the story of a proclaimed feminist who will give it all up to be a nurture and pleasure giver.

Or 'Hot Teacher' who decides her do-over fantasies align with schoolboy TILF wet-dreams.