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December 15, 2015
Posted at 8:06 pm

In thinking about it, one of the reasons I think I've stalled out - to a degree, anyway - on some of my current in-progress stories is because they're on a familiar path. They're smutty stories with a somewhat clich├ęd trajectory - start with a normal cast of characters, and follow their slow and gloriously filthy descent downward into a depraved (and usually incestuous) life of perverted bliss.

Nothing wrong with that. I really like those sorts of stories. I wouldn't write them if I didn't. Most of the old Liverpool Press pocket books that inspired me to write here have the same sort of story arc.

But at times, it's kind of hard - for me, anyway - to find a way to walk through that inevitable decline of "perfectly normal" to "filthy smut" while keeping the writing interesting. The early stages can be a chore, as I really just want to skip ahead to the filthy stuff.

I've been reading a few stories lately here at the site that have inspired me. Not that they're the works of Hemingway, but they're really good, and really hot. And they just jump straight into the dirty action right from the first paragraph. No build-up, no fall from grace. Straight to the good stuff, and the reader isn't watching the world evolve along with the characters - rather, the reader is dropped into a fully-developed world. The first times, the "wait, we shouldn't be doing this moments" - they've already happened to the characters before the story even begins.

I'm writing two multi-chapter serials now in this vein. It's kind of liberating. There's no need to develop old familiar themes and old tropes in new ways. I'm getting to write different things, and that's helping me get my mojo back.

And I think after I get them firmly underway, I'll be able to circle back to the older stories with a fresh perspective. And with the enthusiasm that they deserve.