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Chapter 61

December 15, 2015
Posted at 2:03 pm

Not too many typos, but I did get some technical assistance:

1 - I heard from a few Georgia EMT types. A LifeFlight helo wouldn't go to Emory, but most likely would go to Grady. Edited and fixed.

2 - Another reader reported that new piercings don't get treated with antibiotic ointment, but get a saline bath several times a day. I took out the part about ointment. As for whether you like piercings or tattoos, this was just a little something different to toss in. Personally, I can't stand tattoos, but the piercings (within reason) can be interesting. My youngest girl has both; she is 28 now and beautiful, but 30 years from now things might change. At least she can take out the piercings, but tattoos are a whole different matter!

3 - I also received an email detailing the tax consequences of the elder O'Connors gifting the lakefront property to Kelly and Grim, and how that should be structured. I think that would be too much to put into the story; Grim is not a banker. As long as they can use it/sell it/build on it he and Kelly will be happy. I left this alone.

This is why I love my readers! I learn stuff all the time. Thanks.

FYI - I have spent some time recently editing AFS. I created a PG-13 version and did a lot of spell checking. That has now been uploaded to lulu, replacing the old version.

- rlfj