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Page Separations Between the Letters of A Word

December 15, 2015
Posted at 7:41 am

It has come to my attention that Chapter 8 of 'Pretty CAPable' was long enough to warrant 2 pages in the SOL system; that wasn't intentional but it is what it is. The problem arises from the page separation occurring between the letters 's' and 'a' in the word 'sane'.

I have no idea how the SOL system manages to divide a single file into the two html pages; it is - quite honestly - an awesome system and my kudos to whomever wrote it, runs it and maintains it. Since I don't know how it works its magic, I also have no idea how to fix it so that it doesn't separate the page in the middle of a word; all I do is upload the chapter in a single html file - SOL does the rest. If anyone knows how I can 'force' the system to break in a certain place, I'd appreciate it if you told me so I can fix this.

Kenn Ghannon