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Magic Ink VI, Chapters 1 & 2

December 11, 2015
Posted at 7:21 pm

The first chapters of the new story have been sent to the Moderators for posting.

Magic Ink VI opens on a fine spring morning in early April of 2508 with three Army flying assault ships approaching the house of Margaret Kathleen O'Connell, the Ninth, to kill her and her apprentice, Celeste. Since Margie is the Grand Senior Master of clan O'Connell, and the ninth by that name in her line, the Army doesn't succeed.

This failure is not taken lightly by those who dispatched them, and they try using the lasers on a satellite to destroy Margie's house along with her and her apprentice. This too results in failure, but she is upset by now, and traveling to their command center, she deals harshly with the Army unit there.

On returning home she calms Celeste down and they go over the events in the clan's history but especially since the conclusion of the Leila story. She also tells Celeste of the mission given her by the Eternal Flame.

In chapter two you are brought up to date on the political events since the conclusion of the Leila story. Margie K's phone rings as Celeste finishes. The political leaders invite her to a meeting in the new capital in Lincoln, Nebraska. They also threaten her when she doesn't agree to join them. Soldiers
arrive at the meeting supposedly to rescue her, but she deals harshly with the political leaders before leaving ahead of the soldiers.

On arriving at the Hexagon, she is taken to see the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and some of his subordinates. They can't understand why she is unable to teach their low Talent soldiers to use the O'Connell's spells. She doesn't kill them but does disable their toys telling then that they are too dangerous for them to play with.

On returning home, she discovers that Celeste is missing.

This story has been some time in coming together. I had some problems early in the year, and then my sweet wife managed to break her leg in July. It has been a very interesting five months since then, but not one conductive to creative writing. She is much better now, and I have had time to write. I have nearly finished the story, but as usual, the editing is slower than my writing, but it too is coming along very well now.

Enjoy these two chapters. More next week.

Keep Well,
uncle jim