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Ch. 3 & 4 for Belle of Bellville has been submitted.

December 11, 2015
Posted at 5:41 pm

Whew! It's been a busy Friday for me, but I've gotten as many chapters of both Belle of Bellville and Captivated, proofed, edited, and formatted. By the time you read this, they'll most likely be available.

I'll be working on chapters 5 & 6 for Belle of Bellville, and hope to have those available this weekend or the beginning of next week. Yes, I've already written eight full chapters for Belle so that will go quite quickly since I'll only need to, according to a tentative calculation, proof four more chapters.

Then Belle of Bellville will be complete. :-)

In the meantime, of course, I'll be proofing and editing chapter 5 for Captivated. I want to add in a little more spice.

Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy the chapters I've so far published here, and I hope I can count on your votes, too. If you're thinking of sending me feedback, don't think! Do it. I welcome all feedback, good or bad, and if you include an e-mail addy, I'll reply as soon as I can.

Thanks for reading my fantasies, and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!