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Chapter 361 of Book 3 is in the queue

December 11, 2015
Posted at 5:18 pm

This week with Arlene and Jeff:

...Squealing, the boar spun to attack, snapping its teeth in its anger. But Lobo was already harassing one of the females, then another male. As the big boar again lunged toward the wolf, Lobo seemed to notice him only long enough to leave another weeping gash on the other hip as he circled and attacked the same female again.

She and some of the others tried to head for the bushes that they had come through to enter the clearing, but Lobo was having none of that. With another vicious pass that reminded Morales of a fighter making a strafing run at a lumbering bomber, the wolf left a trail of blood down the side of the biggest female.

That did it. She had enough of the wolf. Spinning about, she led a charge down the game trail directly toward Morales' tree. As she and several others ran, Lobo made another pass at the boar, biting at his back legs. Bully that he was, he apparently decided that he did not want to fight this killing machine, and squealing, charged through the remaining milling females to head out behind the others who were already on the path away from the wolf.

The hole in the limbs that Morales had cleared so he could shoot into the clearing was no longer of use to him. What he needed was a clear area almost directly beneath him, and he didn't have it. While trying to move and watch for a shot at the same time, his right foot slipped off the slick limb and he dropped straight down - straddling another limb.

The air puffed out of his lungs as the limb slammed into his balls, seemingly driving them into his throat. The world became pain, as he sucked in a shaky breath and tried to keep from falling out of the tree while holding back his gorge.

From the clearing, Lobo looked up at him. If exasperation could show on a wolf's face, then it was there now. Circling, he herded the last of the females toward his master as Morales took in another shaky breath. At least he was now in a position to shoot below him. When the next to last female rushed under the tree, he aimed for her nose and pulled the trigger....

Have a goodun;