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Decembers to Remember

December 8, 2015
Posted at 1:10 pm

Back in 2012 I was contacted by an European eBook publishing company that offered to market my stories as eBooks. It sounded like a decent deal, especially as I had no time or inclination then to do the job myself... and I really needed the money, so I said fine. For starters, they wanted my Christmas stories, so for legal reasons mostly having to do with Amazon's content rules I had to pull down all of those stories from here and LitErotica. I wasn't happy about the idea... but I did. Those stories then went into the eBook collection that I think was called 'Decembers to Remember'.

I think it's still there on Amazon - but don't buy it! I never received a cent... anything at all from the sales. First I got excuses and then later they just stopped returning my emails. I never got paid... not anything.

So... I've been meaning to return all of those stories back here, where they belong. I'll repost up one of them every day until done. Probably those assholes will then threaten to sue (the way my luck has been running) but since they've never paid me, I doubt that they've got the balls.

The experience was very sobering for me and I have to admit that for a long time it killed most of fun I get from writing. In my Christmas folder I've found three other all-new Christmas related stories that I started back in 2012 and then just quit and entirely forgot about. I'm now tinkering with the most complete one but I doubt that I can get it finished before Christmas... but I'd like to - if I can remember now how I meant the darned story to end!

Anyway, more 'new' old stories reposted all week! Enjoy!