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Chapter 57

December 1, 2015
Posted at 2:43 pm

Lots of comments on the last chapter. One theme was that nobody would hang Grim out to dry. Cops commit murder on a daily basis and get away with it, so why should this be any different, murder or not.

First, cops don't commit murder on a daily basis. There are almost one million police officers in the U.S. We can argue statistics all we want, and we all know we can find statistics to bolster our particular cause. However, even with the heightened surveillance the public has on the police, there is only about one outrageous thing going to hit the news a week. In a nation of over 300 million people, this is not a crisis. Even at one a day, it is not a crisis. That does not mean that I condone such actions; they are crimes and should be punished. Still 99.99% of all police officers are good people, and the level of shit they have to put up with would drive the average citizen bonkers!

Second, for those who think Grim wouldn't be hung out to dry, get real! In today's heightened sensitivity, if there is even a hint of impropriety, the officer is going to get fired and/or go to jail. In this story, there was a Ferguson precursor about three years prior. Would you want to be the cop who shoots a minority member in Ferguson now? Crime rates in some areas are rising because of the 'Ferguson effect', where police are avoiding anything that could be videoed. It is safer to let the crime be committed than go to jail for stopping it.

Third, the investigative procedure I outlined is very common across the board, especially if there were improprieties in the past that have been discovered. None of the police I had as editors thought this was at all out of line. Most politicians do not want cops around who shoot people. They think that TV is real, and that you can wing somebody with a snub nose .38 from 200 yards. When you don't shoot the gun out of the bad guy's hands, you must be a psycho killer yourself. One of the things I love about TV cop shows is that they never show the aftermath. In any real department, whenever an officer fires a weapon for any reason at all, it will be investigated, and that investigation can take weeks. On TV cop shows, the officer is back in the saddle that afternoon.

In any case, as we see at the end of Chapter 57, maybe things aren't quite so bleak for the Grim Reaper after all. We'll just have to see.

- rlfj