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November 29, 2015
Posted at 12:20 pm

Maybe I'm having write's block.

It's too cold outside to do much. I have a shitload of stories started, but only partly done. I've read a shitload of stories from and I have found some fascinating gems I am envious about, but for the main part, I am getting bored.

I went back to mine because from time to time I am intrigued with my own; especially after a period of time.

I re-read "Morning Coffee." I re-lived it. You can give me all the low scores you want, but occasionally I am dumbfounded by my own stories.

I am so thankful for Time Warner for raising our cable bill from $130 per month to $160. Any less and I might have missed it. Not only did I cancel the cable, but the land line as well.

As a result, I missed the 480 hours of Royals games this year; 48 hours of the Chiefs; 100 or so hours of Monday and Thursday night football, etc.

Because of not having cable,I have removed and rebuilt the heads on my 1995 pickup truck; repaired several riding mowers; learned to paint realistic flames on motorcycle tanks and helmets and of course now have finished 95 stories on

I'm rambling, of course. Life can be like that in your seventies. Unexpected disappointments sometimes lead to unexpected surprises.