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Unrealistically thankful

November 27, 2015
Posted at 11:10 pm
Updated: November 28, 2015 - 12:01 am

Okay, here in the U.S. the turkey and ham have all been eaten, appreciated and if you are like me properly offered up to the porcelain gods this morning as a part of my daily ablutions.

But since being a multitasker, during said ablutions I had a few moments to think about what else I might be thankful for and I have a small list that might pique the interests of my readers from SOL.

I'm thankful for the wonderful feeling on Friday we feel when worrying all week about the upcoming holiday with friends, family and other sorts that can obviously cause stress comes to an end. But not too worry, we need to do it again in a month.

Well also we realize that yes, it is Friday so we get another installment of Arlene and Jeff. Thank you RoustWriter. Didn't even really hit until that moment on the toilet that yes a new chapter should be out today and he did not disappoint.

I'm thankful to well myself since I have finally finished the next chapter of "Mayhem in a Pill" and that is currently going through final lookovers and when I get it back I will post so realistically Sunday or maybe Monday.

And since I am almost finished, I am thankful for one more thing... since Xmas holidays are coming up in less than a month, the possibility of a new chapter of Dman3 from Cold Creek is becoming more probable. I have no evidence to make it true. I can only wish since the last update was around Xmas time last year then MAYBE we can get another chapter.

I think this weekend will see me reading about college hockey in Michigan as well as being a fashion model and of course what is it like to meet the Queen of England.

But don't worry when the chapter comes, I'll take a few moments and post it. Keep your eyes open!

Until next time!