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Chapter 56

November 27, 2015
Posted at 1:43 pm

Technical error - It seems that when performing a traffic stop in Georgia, only a license and insurance card are required. The registration is not required. I edited the chapters involved.

I've had a few complaints/comments about chapter length. I don't plan to get into any sort of online argument about how long chapters are supposed to be. All I can say is that chapters are as long as chapters are long. One thing I have learned as a writer is that a story can't be forced to a place it doesn't want to go. Some chapters are going to be short and some are going to be long. A chapter typically covers a major event or theme, and I certainly think Chapter 55 was both. That's just the way it works.

As for cliffhangers, well, those are just bonuses - for me! Cue the evil laugh. Which also links to chapter length. I could have conceivably linked Chapters 55 & 56 into one long chapter, and would still have people complaining about a cliffhanger.

As for the events depicted in Chapter 56, this is quite possible. The dangers of police work go far, far beyond simply getting hurt on the job.

- rlfj