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Chapter 54

November 20, 2015
Posted at 2:13 pm

Final comments on psych evals for police officers. I have heard from several police officers who said that even though their state standards might not require them, their local force did very thorough testing. I also heard from some who said they either weren't required or were limited to seeing if you were drooling and twitching. A real high-quality psych eval can cost thousands of dollars. Some forces have the money and some don't. Everything I am learning is that some forces have them and some don't, and that some jurisdictions require them and some don't. I don't think what I wrote about Grim needs to be modified. End of discussion.

Final comments on sending medals back. It looks like it isn't terribly unusual. Here are three comments by readers. This will be the end of the medals controversy.

"Don't listen to all the people who complain about sending back medals. I did throw mine away when I was discharged following the Vietnam disaster. My daughter did the same when her husband was killed in Afghanistan. Some people think that those medals are important, on the other hand they remind you of what went wrong so often."

"Just want to add my two cents on the medals. Being a vet and working with other vets I think your readers would be surprised at how many don't want the medals that they have earned, thinking, like Grim, that they didn't do enough to save their brothers or sisters. I just got out of a VA Hospital after eight months of fighting cancer. Before going in, I worked with a lot of our new vets after they got home and even more while I was in there. Almost everyone would tell you the same thing I'm telling you. The only ones that want the I-Been-There medals are the ones that have never been there and thought they wanted to or the REMF. I have seen many medals just thrown in the trash, sent to their fallen brother's family saying that they didn't earn them because their son didn't make it home, and, yes, sent to the DOD."

"On the blog entry about medals, many of my friends during the 60s and 70s sent theirs back. Never asked if they didn't have a return address. I know one CMH winner that won't claim the benefits - no taxes, free car registrations, etc. Grim's actions are highly consistent with his frame of mind."

- rlfj