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November 19, 2015
Posted at 3:10 pm

She: "What are you doing?"

He: "Trying to write a story."

She: "A story."

He: "Yes. Like how just-this-guy would write stories."

She: "Justice Guy? So it's a police story?

He: "Huh? Police story? No, it's a sex story but with humor or maybe it's better described as a humor story with sex."

She: "So it's about sexual justice?

He: "What's sexual justice?"

She: "You said his name is Justice Guy"

He: "Right, just-this-guy."

She: "So that sounds like he writes about justice."

He: "Not justice. just-this."

She: "Justice?"

He: "Right, just-this."

She: "You're saying justice, right?"

He: "Yes, just-this."

She: "Is this like one of those frog protection things?"

He: "Fraud protection?"

She: "Yes, frog protection."

He: "Fraud?"

She: "Frog."

He: "Fraud.

She: "So we're saying the same thing."

He: "Right. Fraud and just-this."

She: "Frog and justice. So what does he write like?"

He: "Here. Read his story First Cake."

She: "Ok."

He: "So what do you think?"

She: "I've only read the title."

He: "Oh, right, okay."

She: reading silence

He: silence while observing silence

She: "This story is so unrealistic!"

He: "Well okay they wouldn't have sex in front of the other girls but it's still a fun story."

She: "Not that. Do you really think all four girls would know how to make delicious cakes? You're lucky to find any person who is a good cook no matter what the cooking shows suggest."

He: "Um....beyond that what did you think."

She: "It's okay."

He: "What about the alleged humor?"

She: "That's a good adjective."

He: "Try this one, First Accident."

She: exciting silent reading. So exciting that it will not be described in respect for your physical health.

He: "So?"

She: "So you want to write a dialogue-driven story with non-descript female characters?"

He: "Exactly!"

She: "Minus the humor."

He: "That goes without saying."