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Do you think I understand this shit?

November 19, 2015
Posted at 12:16 am

When Anonymous wrote after Chapter 61 posted, "A lot of things wrong with this chapter," I was ready for anything. I thought. It turns out that the issue was two-fold. My incorrect use of the term homeopathy, and the fact that as a chemist, Brian should know that none of these remedies actually work.

At issue first is the fact that homeopathic remedies do not include active ingredients, therefore vitamin D3 is by definition not a homeopathic remedy. According to the writer:
Also, by homeopathy's own definition, it literally
cannot work, ever. If a solution is anything other
than 100% plain water, or a sugar pill, or other
inactive ingredients, then it is not homeopathic.
Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Vitamin D3, cholecalciferol, is an inactive ingredient that is activated by the liver and kidney. But that doesn't mean it is homeopathic.

I suppose I could have used the term 'naturopathic' instead of homeopathic, but I'm equally certain that I would have misrepresented that as well. Thank heavens I didn't mention Ayurvedic practices. I'm pretty sure I would have messed that up big time. I could call it Voodoo medicine, but that denigrates a highly respected religious practice. Maybe I can call all the "natural" remedies employed by the clan "woowoo" remedies. What is going to happen when I start using onion extract for scar reduction?

Anonymous notes that:
A review of clinical trials has shown that a
homeopathic preparation of Arnica is not
effective. (and non-homeopathic preparations are

Yet Brian and his clan, in this realistic FICTION have been using arnica for the reduction of bruises since Part II. I can only wonder what will happen when it is revealed that the clan has gone to baby delivery by a midwife because doctors cannot effectively schedule deliveries around their golf games so prefer to do C-sections.

Fiction. Remember? I'm not offering recipes, remedies, or psychological counseling.

In case of a medical emergency, please hang up and dial 911.