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In case you have doubts

November 18, 2015
Posted at 11:35 pm

Hello again. And thank you for all the nice feedback on The Professor and the Cheerleader.

That feedback is about half and half in agreement or disagreement about my assertion in the foreword that this isn't really a Lubrican type story. I explained that to some in my replies, but it's easier to just do it here once.

As I said, normally, my characters are custom created to fit the plot of the book. Their personalities or physical descriptions may be built with the Leggos of real people I've known here and there, but overall, they're just constructs. That makes it easy for me to form them into whatever I want.

In this case, also as I said, Kendra is a real person, so I was limited, to some degree, in making "changes" in her. That's because both she and I wanted to display her to the world, so to speak. She does have that little streak of exhibitionist in her. And that meant that I didn't have the usual freedom I'm used to. Maybe that's why this felt so different.

Also, as some of you have read before, my motto is: Casual, meaningless sex is nothing more than complicated masturbation.

Kendra would argue with me about that, and so there is a lot more "casual" sex in this than I usually write. Granted, she falls in love with him, but that is also done Kendra style. There's nothing slow about this story. I usually like slow.

Anyway, that's neither here nor there. It doesn't matter what I think. All that matters is what you think.

Which brings me to the actual point of this entry. I have forwarded some of the content of your feedback to Kendra. Not your email address, of course, just the content. I thought she'd get a kick out of seeing that people like "her" character.

She did. In fact, she got all giggly about it and now she has instructed me to provide her brand new, temporary, just for this book email address so that, if you want to make sure she actually exists (and say nice things, I hope) you may do so directly, rather than through me.

So, if you want to, drop her a line at and tell her what you think.

I guarantee you she'll tell you what she thinks.

Thanks for reading.