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Chapter 53

November 17, 2015
Posted at 2:23 pm

Lots of controversy about Grim sending his medals back. A number of people figured he's gone too far this time. Maybe yes, maybe no. This is not an unheard of thing. Some soldiers send them back as a form of protest. This happened in several cases when Carter gave a blanket pardon to draft resisters following the Vietnam War. There have been other instances as well. One reader commented that various Army regulations require Grim to keep uniforms available until his Individual Ready Reserve service is complete. I suspect that probably wouldn't be prosecuted all that vigorously. At least two readers commented that somebody at the Pentagon would be able to track down whoever returned medals by way of return addressing (required by the Post Office, can be falsified), inscriptions on the medals (which may or may not be present), or reading the postmark and figuring out who had all those medals from Matucket. That might well be true, but I would simply ask…why? I can't imagine, even in a bureaucratic institution as large as the military, that somebody is waiting around to track down and return medals.

I am simply going to say that Grim is a bit messed up about his service. Several readers wrote that you wear the medals not for yourself, but for the ones who can't, and I think I have mentioned that in earlier sections. On the other hand, Grim considers his service to be a failure to the ones who can't, rightly or wrongly. Keep reading. There is more to come.

On a totally separate and considerably more amusing note, I put Grim Reaper on my wife's Kindle for her to read. Yesterday she got to Chapter 29. This morning she asked me why all the female leads in my stories end up going to jail. I told her that I was attracted to the flawed kind of women who spend time behind bars, at which point she kicked me out and sent me to work.

- rlfj