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The Most Feminine Man Ever Written About

November 15, 2015
Posted at 11:19 am

I try to respond to nearly every email message I receive. Unless I receive the same message from you after every chapter, and then, as much as I appreciate the notes, I might only respond every other time. When I get anonymous messages, I read them and pass them off. Sometimes they are negative. Sometimes positive. Usually, I figure that just means the person doesn't want to enter into a conversation, but needs to get something off his chest. I ignore it.

Occasionally, an anonymous message gets me thinking about something and I want to talk about it, even if not to the writer. A message I received after Chapter 60 of LNDtH2 made it into that last category. Here's the message:

so another cheating ho confesses and brian the
most feminine man ever written about just says ok
no problem? Doesn't sound like she used a condom
for either hole she took a cock in. shitty part of
story jajaja

Now, what I take exception with is that Brian is the most feminine man ever written about. Surely, Tony Ames in Model Student is a far more girly man than Brian Frost. Tony's response to danger or threat is to put paint on a canvas. Brian killed the dude who killed Denise, and stood to take three punches and a knife thrust before he completely dismantled Rhonda's abusive boyfriend.

The evidence would be that Brian is far more callous and uncaring--manly traits--than Tony. Tony has completely embraced his feminine and artistic side, even allowing himself to be used as a dildo for a lesbian friend. Brian takes his licks and gives them back. Tony beats a little ball against the wall and paints. No. In the contest for most feminine man, I have to say that Tony beats Brian hands down.

Which means I really have my work cut out for me. Surely I can manage to write a male character that is more feminine than Tony. I'd have to erase all the masculine traits. He'd need to be the embodiment of love, loyalty, and caring. Maybe I could make him a nurse. Or a secretary. That would be cool. Or I know! I know! A cook! He'll get his jollies out of scrubbing vegetables and preparing meals for his family. That's got to be more feminine...