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The End of LNDtH Part VII

November 14, 2015
Posted at 2:13 am

Yes, indeed. Sometime Saturday evening or Sunday morning, depending on where in the world you are, Chapter 60 of LNDtH2 will post. That marks the end of Part VII: Hearthstone Entertainment. As I have mentioned in previous posts, Part VIII: Becoming the Storm will begin posting immediately, but the posting schedule will drop to every fourth day instead of every third day. This is to allow me to get further ahead of the posting schedule. At the moment I am only 22 chapters ahead and I prefer to be at least 30 chapters or the complete Part before it begins to post.

Writing is going well as NaNoWriMo has helped to keep me on track this month. When Chapter 60 posts, I will also post the Intro to Part VIII and the complete cast list. I know how difficult it is to keep track of so many characters in a story this length, so at the beginning of each part, I post a full cast list of everyone in the part. You will find cast lists preceding chapter 1, chapter 31, and chapter 61. In the introduction to each part, I try to include any significant information that might affect readership, including a hint regarding any action that might squick people out and a very handy reference to the words that the Clan uses to describe the various relationships. There are a couple new terms that either have entered or are about to enter their vocabulary.

Part VIII has some very intense and emotional scenes in it. It involves a shooting and the characters dealing with PTSD and survivor's guilt. I know there are people who have difficulty dealing with that and don't want you caught unaware. Some of the dynamics in the clan are changing. I think you'll like this part.

Thank you for the many messages, support, suggestions, and corrections that I have received. Enjoy the final chapter of Part VII. I hope you continue to read into Part VIII.

Devon Layne