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Looking Forward to Demon Bride

November 13, 2015
Posted at 11:47 pm

"That's not funny!" badger said. "I thought that's exactly what you were. I thought you were going to drink my soul!" The demoness laughed. "You're silly. You eat souls, not drink them," she said. "Besides, I'd only eat your soul if it was the thing you most wanted in all the world."

Writing about demons, particularly a playful demon who delights in coming out and telling exactly who she is, because after all, no one will believe her, is a lot of fun. The juxtaposition between predator and compassion and between love and sacrifice are at the heart of my next story. I'm about 30 kb in, and I'm estimating around 50 kb total. I fully anticipate the final two chapters of The Lady Riding Atop to be published tomorrow. It will probably be two weeks before "Demon Bride" is done and edited.

The work of discovering the Light of Passion universe and bringing that to you to explore has been an amazing pleasure. I'd like to thank everyone who has taken the time to read what I'm working on: your interest is a huge part of why this is worth doing. I appreciate the feedback I've already received and would be delighted to hear anything you'd like to share.