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November 13, 2015
Posted at 11:23 pm

Forgiveness: "Bad Behavior and Destroyed Lives"

When I was writing this story, the emotions were so strong that I had to stop to regain my composure and dry my tears a number of times.

Reality can be strong and the reality of the guilt of having done bad things and purposely hurting people WILL--not can--bring a person's mental and physical health to a precipice. That same precipice is where a person has to decide if they are going to carry the guilt themselves or seek forgiveness.

Unfortunately, many try to drown or numb the pain in drink and drugs rather than seek forgiveness, but they always fail and the pain only gets worse and the damages more.

The last words that I wrote in the story mean a lot to me because of the truth that it tells.

"The past does not matter because you can not do anything about it, so forgive people and let them forgive themselves. Only the present and the future matter, so live, love, and forgive people, and don't let the past control today or the future."

Repentance is a powerful medicine and forgiveness is the salve that brings healing.

It doesn't matter what it was, there is healing for the past and deliverance from its judgments.

If you don't know how to find healing, contact me and I will be more than glad to lead you to the Source, The Healer of all pains.