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Lawman From Hell

November 13, 2015
Posted at 3:04 pm

On Tuesday, November 17, I will post Chapter 1 of
my next story. There are 11 chapters with over
64,000 words total.

This story is a sort of gritty, adult western which
has a few grisly scenes. There is some sex but the
story isn't about sex.

There is a lot of character development and the
characters you'll meet aren't your everyday, run
of the mill characters. They are a collection of
the worst characters the old west had to offer.
Then, there are a few characters who are not so
bad that you'll hate them... That is unless you're
one of those readers who just loves to hate,
no matter what you read!

The story idea was passed along to me by one of
my readers and it has taken me over three years
to put the pieces together in a way that I could
read it and see the story taking place in my mind.

The title is a catchy little three word phrase
which you'll understand if and when you do read
deep enough in the story to make that

Look for it folks, it is coming to Storiesonline
in a few days and it's called....

'Lawman From Hell'