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Chapter 52

November 13, 2015
Posted at 1:56 pm

Medal of Honor - I have had a huge number of readers asking why Grim hasn't received an MOH for his actions at Outpost Whiskey. I do not plan to discuss whether or not Grim will or won't get the MOH, but it is important to understand the process in receiving awards and decorations. They don't just hand this stuff out! The lower the level of the award, the lower the level of upper management needed to hand it out. This is NOT a comment on the relative importance of various awards and decorations. If I had served, it is doubtful I would have earned a Good Conduct Medal! It is simply a discussion of the procedure.

Lower level awards, such as the Achievement Medal & Commendation Medal, are usually authorized at a battalion level, though usually somebody higher up has to rubber stamp things. The next level up would be Bronze Stars and Silver Stars, which usually require authorization at the brigade or division level, and take longer, weeks or months. When you get up to the Distinguished Service Cross or Medal of Honor levels, it has to go to the Pentagon, and usually higher. Criteria are extremely stringent, and the process can take 18-24 months, or more.

So, while Outpost Whiskey might or might not result in higher awards we need to be realistic! The battle occurred in June 2007. As of Chapter 51, it is still December 2007. The absolutely earliest date Grim might get the highest level awards would be sometime in 2009, or perhaps later. For those of you looking for big medals, you are just going to have to wait a little longer!

Technical fix - a reader pointed out that the correct VA hospital was not in East Point but in Decatur. Sorry about that. Fixed.

Email problem - I had a reader try to contact me & I am getting Undeliverable Email responses. If you are dhayward_os or NX952 please try again. I am not ignoring you.

- rlfj