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Am I allowed back in here?

November 8, 2015
Posted at 11:25 pm

I just sent another chapter to my editor - at least I hope he's still my editor, after all this time.
I know it sounds like a broken record, but I've been a little under the weather, and still have a way to go. Got some pinched nerves causing loss of use of my arms and hands, the surgery to correct that has been delayed by some other health issues, most recent being a very bad reaction to this year's flu shot. Thought I was gonna die, and for a while I was afraid I wouldn't. Didn't though.
On top of that, my wife had some radical orthpedic surgery in May that they say will take another six months to a year to completely recover from. So we've been distracted.
But now I've reread through this story twice, and I hope I can get back into it with little delay. I think it's getting near the end anyway, just a couple more chapters and maybe an epilogue should do it.
Thanks for being patient!