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November 5, 2015
Posted at 11:27 pm


This seemed like the best place to talk back to sevral persons.

The one thing everyone is telling me is to add details and I'm understanding now and I'm going to try to write my next story by slowing down and trying to tell what I feel. I'm not thinking about it during sex I'm thinking about feeling good but I feel the details also so I'll give it a try.

Now to the ones who say I only date losers thats shit. Two stories say little about my life. I've had many times when I cum before the guy does. As to the guy who said he could finger and tongue me to cum 5 times before he did I say no way. I don't care how short and trimmed your nails are there going to scratch me and the tonge dries and is never soft enough. The only thing I like rubbing is a dick. Theres no nails and there soft on the outside even though hard inside. A guy can make me cum from outside rubbing before he ever goes inside me.

Make your day amazing.