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Update on Harry Lime Stories

November 4, 2015
Posted at 3:27 am

Now down to only about 7 stories with the dreaded yellow stripe to indicate inactivity. I will tend to them ASAP. My last hundred or so stories have been placed on other SOL pennames for purposes of sorting out the work on the content. The readers have been quite patient in giving me time to organize the stories. I have started to add stories to the Harry Lime penname recently with varied success. I seem to be spending more time writing non-erotic rather than erotic stories these days and I really don't know the reason why except I was becoming interested in some non-erotic areas that had a certain priority in my thoughts. A recent story called "My Little Sister's Girlfriend" started out as a single shot short story of about 5 pages and now has grown to a series of 6 stories with interlocking theme. It is unusually popular on another site and seems to be popular here with over 20K downloads in about 3 weeks. There are strong elements of erotica in the storyline and the underlying theme of incest between brother and sister is present but it is not the only erotic element touched on in the narrative. There are extenuating circumstances that cause the interrelationship but they are rooted more in common cause than in evil intent. It is the expansion of the story into various supporting characters that allow the storyline to continue unabated. Some of the characters are worthy of exploration in side stories of their own like the ex-teacher Mrs. Stern or the twisted Doctor of Medicine Doctor Angela Proudbum. There is some similarity to the brother/sister relationship in the television series "Six Feet Under" in the close union of "Billy" and "Princess" well hidden from prying eyes. It was not intended but if I remember correctly both of their parents were Psychologists and they were originally conducting an experiment of sorts.