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Update on "Belfast Rules"

November 4, 2015
Posted at 2:50 am

This story about the "Troubles" in Northern Ireland seems to have a life of its own. In all honesty, I cannot identify the source of the content cohesion. I suspect it is a combination of stories told to me by knowledgeable people in various places and at different times. Young non-American Irish soldiers serving as sentinels in the "Cold War". British security agents in the disappearing Balkans. Priests and Ministers with their own point of view. Then, there are the readers who have already given me a trove of information to help thread the narrow line between fantasy and reality. Eyewitnesses to horrors made entertainment on nights like Halloween. Police reports from Northern Ireland even to today that read like historical fiction novels. Only it is present day, it is reality, not fantasy, and the hatreds and the ill-will are as ingrained as one's own skin. In a sense, I feel totally inadequate to be a story-teller of this era, I only hope to bring some insight to the tragic facts.