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Chapter 355 of Book 3 is in the queue

October 30, 2015
Posted at 2:51 pm

This week with Arlene and Jeff:

...After snapping her safety line to a toggle just inside the lock, she cycled the outer hatch. There was the expected slight puff of remaining atmosphere that the pumps had failed to recycle, and that air had instantly changed to a faint white vapor as the moisture in it froze when the air expanded into the nothingness.

After re-securing her line to a recessed stanchion just outside the hatch, she eased farther out as her safety line smoothly spooled behind her. As usual, she felt the mental tug of the seeming vast hole beneath her, no matter where she looked.

"Keep your eyes on the ship," she heard her commander say.

Again, Diana was glad that she had Selina for her superior. She knew Diana's weaknesses, and tried to help compensate for them. Likewise, Diana tried her best to take up the slack in Selina's very few shortcomings.

Fuck this, Diana told herself as she cleared the ship and activated her propulsion unit to glide smoothly around to the starboard side of the vessel. Just don't drop anything. I have tethers attached to the bigger items, but I can't secure every little thing. I darn sure don't want to go chasing after something out here, she thought as she secured herself to the starboard nacelle.

"Ready," Diana said.

"Safety locks engaged. System secure. It is safe to begin extraction of the circuit," Selina commented as she began verbally working Diana through the checklist for replacing the command circuit...

Have a goodun;