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Final chapters of 'Whatever It Costs' soon up

October 30, 2015
Posted at 9:07 am

All edited. Really. Finally. My great thanks to my editors who have done an terrific job. Despite of crappy grammar, a whole lot of misused and misspelled words they managed to make the story readable and at some points it may even look like the story I wrote in the first place.

So, what does that leave to me? I guess that I can at least take the credit for the unbelievable storyline, remaining mistakes, goofy characters, etc. Once I have time and courage to take a look at my story one more time I'll try correct the remaining errors that I'm aware of. Maybe some time next year. Or later.

I have two other stories written and one of them already partly edited but I'll not start posting it until I have enough fully edited chapters ready so that I can be sure that I can post all the chapters on more or less regular intervals. Once out, 'Parenting' will be a bit different than my previous stories - even if it was written during the same 'flow' as my two first stories.