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Almost Productive

October 28, 2015
Posted at 1:37 am

A few weeks ago, I sent chapters 73-75 of LNDtH to Old Rotorhead to get his opinion on where I was going. There was a lot of legal stuff in that chapter. The nugget that I took away from his comments was that even though it made for an exciting story, I didn't know shit about what I was talking about.

Then came the client that wouldn't die. With luck, the cover will finally get to me tomorrow, I'll upload her book, and be quit of the project at last. As a result, I haven't written a word in two weeks. The point that the story is right now requires focus and I didn't have any to give it. So yesterday on the airplane and today as I flitted from hotel to beach to coffee shop in Waikiki, I've churned out about 4,000 words. Unfortunately, those are replacing a lot of words that I haven't cut yet. The net will be considerable lower. But it's progress!

Over the next few days, as I tour Pearl Harbor and then return to the beach to watch some really fantastic bikini butts, as I fly to Hilo and spend a couple days shopping for transportation, I hope to complete the utter rewrite of chapters 74 and 75. I finished 74 tonight. I'm just getting started on 75. When I have those two chapters right, I'll start forging ahead with the remaining fifteen chapters of Part VIII.

Where does that put me for posting? I'm going to slow the posting schedule slightly to give me more time to catch up in November. I won't stop, though. Posts will switch to once every four days instead of once every three days. With this slight slow-down, I should be ready to roll again at full speed by the time Part VIII finishes posting. You'll hardly notice, except that I'll fall about five places in the top downloads list. I'll live with that in order to keep the chapters flowing.

If the writing goes well in the first two weeks of November, I'll spend the next couple weeks cranking out another DiD story. Still hope to have Lincoln's next adventure ready by the end of the year.

Well, there you have the update. Aloha and mahalo!