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A Clarification

October 24, 2015
Posted at 12:45 pm

There seemed to be some confusion, which is understandable. The 2 published books comprise the full Destiny's Road story that is up on SOL. This particular story (but no the series, which will continue Cas's story) is 51 chapters long. Chapters 1 through 28 are in the first published book "Destiny's Road" and chapters 29 through 51 are in the second book, "The Ties That Bind".

They were split up because 200k words is much to long for a novel, and would have come in at almost a thousand pages.

Moving forward, published books should match 1 for 1 with books on SOL, and I will be trying to finish them before they start up on SOL, so they can be purchased in their entirety when the story starts posting up week by week. The published books will never contain any parts that are not on SOL, however the sex scene's will not show up in the published books.