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Chapter 354 of Book 3 is in the queue

October 23, 2015
Posted at 3:04 pm

This week with Arlene and Jeff:

...The Lieutenant grabbed his coat and was soon out the hatch, while Jeff went to the simulator. Standing just inside the door, he watched Selina and Diana as they lay on their couches looking perfectly normal.

I can bring them back if you insist, Ship said in his mind, but they have almost completed their mission and now must find their way back to the base. If I interrupt them at this point…

"They will never forgive you - or me," Jeff interjected. "I don't need a pissed-off wife or a pissed-off genius in my life, let alone both of them. Just let the simulation conclude normally," Jeff responded aloud.

Ship also shifted from mental to verbal, her soft voice sounding as if she were standing close by Jeff's side. "I have been impressed with them, as you will be when you review their mission. Whether they managed to return home 'alive' or not, they have proven remarkably resourceful, and Selina… has distinguished herself in an adult environment, both at the academy and in her missions - and Diana has also proven herself over and over. The two have worked flawlessly as a team. Selina is an adult mentally. Unfortunately, her body remains that of a child, but in the simulation she is an adult, even though her body has not fully developed yet. My only real concern is that their returning to reality after the simulation has lasted so long - well simulation time anyway - might be a shock for Selina when she remembers that she is only six years old.

"Now, they have even managed to maneuver away from the black hole, although their warp-out with mass nearby has caused them to be lost somewhere in deep space," Ship said to tease her commander.

"Black hole? None of my scenarios had a black hole in them."

"Ah, perhaps you would like to attempt their mission when they return?"

"And get sucked into a black hole after they managed to get away? Not bloody likely. I know when to take a pass. I survived all my missions in the simulator and I'm going to keep my record unsullied," he said with a laugh...

Have a goodun;