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Part 1 of Destiny Saga is in the can

October 22, 2015
Posted at 12:49 pm

The first part of the Destiny Saga is done and loaded up for posting.

Don't worry, there is A LOT more for Cas and the gang. Here is the current plan for what's going to happen next.

The last chapter in Destiny's Road will be Chapter 51 and will post up on Nov. 14th (warning, it is a wrap-up/epilogue chapter, so it will be about half length).

There will be a week break and then a short story called Destiny's Interlude: A Summer's Cruise will start posting. It's only 4 chapters and will tell the story of what happens during their summer vacation. Some of the info in it will make an appearance in the next book.

Then there will then be a 3 week break. I am already hard at work on writing the next story and I should have enough time to write the next book in the Destiny Saga, which will start posting after that. It will be What Lies Ahead.

As a note, all future stories are going to be novel length, meaning in the 70k-90k word range and between 21 and 25 chapters. I already have What Lies Ahead, and the book after it No Good Deed fully outlined, and plans for many books after it to continue Cas's story.