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Who is Doug?

October 21, 2015
Posted at 11:25 am

Several readers have noticed an error that I made and failed to catch when proofreading Chapter 2 of The Ark.

One of my habits when proofreading and editing a story is to take a break from the story and work on a second story.

Toward the end of my writing Opening Earth, I took a break and worked on the early chapters of The Ark. I slipped up and referred to Jon as Doug who is the central character in Opening Earth. Later while proofing and editing The Ark, I was working on Part 2 of Opening Earth. As a result of having Jon and Doug in my mind on both occasions, I referred to the wrong main character and failed to catch my mistake.


I would like to thank the readers who found my blunder and let me know about the mistake so I could correct it in my master file.