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It hasn't been a good year for me...

October 21, 2015
Posted at 10:57 am

2016 can't come fast enough!
Lately I have another rather annoying health scare and have spent rather more time visiting doctors and enduring minor procedures than I would like. For every step forward there seems to have been an equal sized step back.

Getting laid off from my job at the same time really didn't help much either.

Now... I'm on some interesting pain blockers (non-narcotic) that ratchet down the constant ambient pain levels to a functional level that I can live with... that also make me feel constantly tired and feeling 'stupid' as non-beneficial side effects. It has taken at least the last month to start getting used to them and now I'm trying to get the rest of my life back into a normal routine again - which will include writing.

Sooooo many stories that need to get finished/done/started.