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October 20, 2015
Posted at 9:04 pm

Or rather not working. I've been moved to part time where I work. Due to that I may have to try to come up with some way to make what I do here pay. I like to proofread. Indeed I've considered various ways to make a living at proofreading. But you don't get jobs (or even gigs) at proofreading without recommendations. And that can become a sort of catch 22 situation. After all you can't get paying work as a proofreader without having gotten paying work as a proofreader! So how do you get experience and references? Volunteer. So that is what I'm doing here, I've proofed some work and given up on some work. The reason I gave up on a certain story was because it seemed like the writing style was too different from what I'm used to seeing. It might be noted that I also gave up reading that work... But that is not because it was a bad story, just that it seemed to be told in an unusual way to me.