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It's still early, right?

October 17, 2015
Posted at 9:44 pm

Well, no. Actually, it is close to panic time. It's only 30 days until LNDtH Part VII: Hearthstone Entertainment ends and I should be starting to post Part VIII: Sins of the Father. The problem is that Part VIII isn't finished yet. In fact, only the first twelve chapters are in editing and I'm really struggling with the fifteenth.

It's not that it is so hard to write, but, as much as I hate the phrase: real life. I have a client whose project should have been finished three weeks ago. Instead it went to two more revisions and today I finished the layout. Only to find that she has a lot of little edits still to make. Even my ex-wife (her proofreader) told her she needed to quit changing things and get her damn book out the door!

The thing is that I have imagined the scene that is about to take place in Chapter 75 (fifteenth of Part VIII) a dozen times. I know what needs to go there. But I can't focus on it. I need dedicated time to let it grow. It's important. Instead, I get more edits on someone else's work. It's nice that it's a paying gig. I need the dough. But I just hate not writing my own story because of it.

Which brings me to the point of this message, assuming you have kept reading through my rant. I might have to take a break for a couple (or four) weeks after Nov 17 before I start posting Part VIII. It's important for me to make this a break between parts and not risk getting up to chapter 80 and then having to take a break while I finish writing the last ten chapters. You could bow out at the end of any part and not feel cheated. It would be harder in the middle of one. This might be the most important part of the series and I want it right.

So, no guarantees. The author alts from my client might be minor and I'll have it to press by Friday and be focused on LNDtH. More likely, though, I'll not get refocused on LNDtH until November. I'm a little pissed off, but I'm going to get this shit written. I've never let you down on that and don't plan to now.

Thanks for your understanding.