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Chapter 44

October 16, 2015
Posted at 4:24 pm

Welcome back! When last we saw the Grim Reaper, he was a hero, whole in body but damaged heart and soul. What will happen to him now? Now he has to go home, and maybe, somehow, rebuild his life and his spirit.

I have also managed to do an edit and typo check on the entire story. I then spent an afternoon reloading the first two books onto the site. As always, let me know if you find typos. Thanks.

To those who pre-purchased Book 3 - Some of you have found a few errors & typos, and one reader made some suggestions to later chapters in the story. I still have your names on file, so when I finish publishing, you will get a final version. The changes won't affect any plot lines, but do fill out one or two items.

Several people have asked what my wife has said about the book. For one thing, while she knows I am writing GR, she reads very slowly. She is finally getting to the end of AFS, and is still working her way through the Epilogue. On a funny note, all along I was teasing her about how Marilyn was going to go to jail. Imagine her surprise when that really happened! Her standard comment is a very dry, "You have a vivid imagination." She also laughs a lot at what happens.

- rlfj