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Thanks. I needed that.

October 6, 2015
Posted at 10:01 am

Remember the old aftershave commercial where the guy gets slapped in the face and says "Thanks. I needed that?" You don't? Am I that old? Today I got that slap in the face from you. In four years of posting stories here on SOL, I've never before had a story reach the number one slot in downloads. And just in time, as tomorrow Sleight of Hand will drop off the list of continuing stories. Just one chapter to go.

It was also good timing because I woke up this morning a little down about my writing. I just wasn't feeling like I was doing my best and didn't know where to go. I still don't know where to go, but I don't feel as bad about it!

For the past eleven years, I have written a new novel every November--National Novel Writing Month. Some of those years, I wrote two. Now we're coming up to November and a client has been demanding more of my time than I anticipated. As a result, I'm behind where I wanted to be in writing Living Next Door to Heaven. I try to stay about forty chapters ahead of what you are reading and right now, I'm only about 22 ahead. That makes me nervous. I feel like I'll have to dedicate my writing time in November to that story. But there is the sequel to Sleight of Hand that I want to write, too. And the sequel to Blackfeather. And the sequel to my mystery (different pen name) For blood or Money. And my MILF story. And my Do-Over. And my pseudo-mind control story.

So, while I woke up feeling discouraged and overwhelmed, I flipped to SOL and was immediately buoyed up. Still don't know what I'll write in November, but I know I'll be doing my best.

Thank you!