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Update on Harry Lime writings.

October 4, 2015
Posted at 9:46 am

Harry had every intention of not starting a new story until after the end of the year but he opened the floodgates early and submitted 5 stories in the last couple of weeks. It seemed justified on the basis that he had caught up on his already submitted stories down to only about a half dozen remaining that need to be updated. That is a lot better than the 120 at the beginning of 2015. The mix of pre-2015 stories will still have about 40 out of about 350 stories requiring some additional chapters to finish them off. The other 150 stories from 2015 written under other pen-names will also be monitored to keep updated and closed out in a reasonable time frame. The 36th and last chapter of "The Military of Rule Number One is to Survive" will be submitted on Monday to close out that story which also has a prologue and an epilogue and a chapter description as well as illustrations and cast of characters for all three sections. There were well over 150 characters in total and some of the names were hard to keep track of. The 5 stories submitted under the Harry Lime penname are (1) Ward of the State...This story is a contemporary erotic tale of injustice in the judicial system. Not light reading but a happy ending. (2) Death Row for Dolly....This was a story that needs a couple more chapters to complete. Not certain if this will be a happy ending or not. (3) South of the Border...Had one reader comment that it reminded him of the old Marty Robbins song about the western outlaw escaping from a posse. (4) On a Wartime Footing...A strange erotic wartime story that flip flops between erotica and war. Not certain if this is contemporary or Science Fiction. Elements of post-disaster scenario. (5) Sally Smith is Sent To Sudan for the Summer...This is another difficult to explain story about an innocent girl sent into the middle of danger. It has elements of rape and interracial relations that are geographically inevitable. This story also needs some additional chapters to explain the full story but it explores the interracial aspect and the dangers of a world that depends on firepower to protect the innocent in most third world countries. The Genocide problem in Sudan has been apparent for several years but there is no improvement to date.