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About Whatever It Costs

October 4, 2015
Posted at 4:33 am

First of all, I'm NOT going to apologize what I wrote. I don't write my stories for money or fame. Anonymous writing with faulty grammar is probably not the fastest way to richness. I'm a bit news freak, I like to read all kinds of news and stories, good and bad. Maybe that is why some strange ideas keep on popping to my head and some of them start a life of their own and make me wonder: Why would that kind of thing happen? What would happen after that? What happened before it? Writing those things out is cheaper than seeing a shrink. Wiser, safer? At least I live thousands of miles away from most of my readers.

I do plan my stories: I'll try to think the whole storyline and the main twists and turns well before I start writing but this writing business turned out to be scary: When you start writing you may have a good idea how things should be progressing but suddenly come the butterfly effect; some of you characters says something however small but it starts bothering you and the story takes a totally different turn. Once the dust settles you understand that this was the way it was supposed to be. It was something unavoidable. Maybe this does not make any sense to all readers but I'm sure that at least some of the writers can understand it.

I have been told that this story is cruel and unbelievable and such things just don't happen. Maybe so. In real life bad things do not happen to good people. In real life the powers that be would never use whatever means to protect their power. In real life no knit together community would support any wrongdoing while being afraid of change. That is why the story is fiction, a fairy tail. And it came to me the way I wrote it down.

I admit that there are probably many factual errors (and probably grammar errors as well) and for those I do apologize. I also apologize by positioning the story in a country foreign to me - as nothing like that could never happen in my own country. After all, here we have almost no corruption at all - we only have unofficial clubs of good old brothers, several of them...

Not all my stories will be like this.