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I have been chastized....

September 27, 2015
Posted at 9:46 am
Updated: August 2, 2016 - 10:01 am

[Authors Note: A reader wrote to admonish me for writing a scene in Chapter 8 within LA Fun that had many inaccuracies within it. These are his comments so you know that the California and LAPD an LAFD are not slugs. I apologize to those from California and LA but remember this story is fictional. The reader wrote in his first note:

"I'm disappointed on the story track with the police dispatch and emergency response. This is absolutely NOT an accurate representation of the Hollywood Division of the LAPD, nor the the LAFD, which is responsible for paramedic service and in Hollywood. Nor is it an accurate example of L.A. County Sheriff's and Fire Dept.

responsible for West Hollywood, or Beverly Hills PD and Fire. Since I was on a Fire/Paramedic rig in that area for 35 years and two days, I just had to call you out. You've gutted a good part of a good story for me."

The second note:

"...but your characterization of the DMV office..."

And the third:

"And the third thing, all 911 calls in the Los Angeles Basin from mobile phones go the the California Highway Patrol. They have about 20 dispatchers on duty at any one time. From there, the call is transferred to the proper agency.

Hardline 911 calls are automatically routed by the phone company's computer to the agency covering the call originating area. In the case of the LAPD (Hollywood), there are between 20 and 30 dispatchers on duty at any one time. Any and all calls for medical aid are immediately transferred to the LAFD dispatch center where there are

between 15 and 25 dispatchers on duty at any onetime, where the PD dispatcher will stay on the line for more information once the medical response is dispatched. This is how it is, and has been for over thirty years in Los Angeles."

At least I had an accurate description of the DMV, but that was easy, they are the same everywhere.]