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Interlude 2

September 25, 2015
Posted at 10:52 am

Still busy typing away. Some days I get quite a bit done and some days I end up shit-canning quite a bit. This book is trickier than some of the others. Regardless, I now have a comprehensive vision on how I am finishing it, and I am very near the end. I am almost finished with the last chapter and will then start on the Epilogue, which I can imagine going quickly. Then it will be off to my final editors. After that, some basic cleanup and away we go. I figure should be able to publish again by sometime mid-October.

I received a few emails from readers who think Grim is being much too hard on himself, is overly dramatic, etc. He is obviously a hero and he needs to recognize it and just get over his little problems. I understand that kind of thinking, but it is simply wrong.

Post-traumatic stress is a real disorder, and it can happen to anybody in a stressful situation. Some cases are worse than other, but it is a real issue. I have never been in that kind of a situation, but I have certainly seen it in others. I have seen it in a family member who did a tour in Fallujah. Many, many of my readers have reported it also, either in themselves or in relatives. Not everybody can get over it, either. One extremely useful reader became an important editor because he is a psychologist who works with veterans suffering from PTSD. According to him, what will come up in Book 3 is accurate. What that is, you will have to read.

Anyway, that is the current status. With any luck, by the time I update again, it will be when I am publishing once more.

Thanks for the patience.

- rlfj