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Breeding Mommy

September 16, 2015
Posted at 11:21 am

A story I don't have time to write.

Jessica and Tom had reached a difficult decision. As their two children were getting older, they desperately wanted another baby. Doctor's had been unable to reverse Tom's vasectomy, however. She would have to be inseminated by another man, preferably a black man because they wanted a biracial baby.

Today Tom is driving Jessica to the breeding farm, where they hope she will conceive. It's four days past the end of her last menstruation, and they hope she will be fertile for the week she will stay at the farm.

Jessica will have scheduled breeding sessions daily at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. with different bulls from the staff. They'll occur either in her room or in the theater, each of which is equipped with cameras so that Tom will be able to watch from home on a private link.

In the evening, she'll go to parties with lots of booze and pot. All of the bulls will be present; they outnumber the clients by about five to one. The parties are a freestyle breeding event where she may mate with whomever she desires, typically two or three guys a night.

She will be forbidden from wearing anything below the waist at all times, and the insides of her thighs will constantly be sticky as the cum oozes out from her frequent fuckings.

Tom will stay and watch her first mating after she's dropped off. Jessica's room has a two-way mirror with comfortable chairs in the dark room beyond. Tom, members of the professional staff and a few husbands of other clients will watch. One husband brings his two daughters, ages 7 and 10.

The bull will enter and gently seduce Jessica with wine, humor and caresses. Within about 30 minutes, she'll be on her back with her legs open, inviting him to take her. He will finish and leave the room as she lays back with her well-fucked pussy spread for the audience.

Three days later, on Saturday, Tom will bring their children to watch. Fifteen-year-old Kevin and 13-year-old Laura know that Mommy's trying to make a baby but not much more. They will smoke pot to relax them and sit behind the two-way mirror to see her 10 a.m. breeding.

Jessica is on her hands and knees and strapped to a breeding bench. She is already aroused and eager for it. It's obvious to the audience that her sex is swollen, wet and ready. Her legs are spread in a perfect mating position.

The bull enters, his large, hard cock bobbing before him. Little Laura gasps. She's seen pictures of erect penises, but this shocks her. The bull strides toward the waiting female. He's all business as he kneels and aims his leaking prick at her baby channel.

With a couple of thrusts, he's fully imbedded. He pumps Jessica slowly, arousing her further. She keens as the dick sluices in and out of her cunt. The bull carefully controls himself to maximize her pleasure while he pumps. It's common knowledge among the staff by now that Jessica can cum from nothing but a good fucking. He wants to work one out of her while her family is watching.

Kevin and Laura have never seen their mother like this. Their minds are blown, and their genitals are aroused, but they have no relief.

The bull finishes with a loud groan, and the audience watches his balls twitch and his cock pulse as he injects Tom's wife with potent semen. The bull withdraws and leaves the room, Jessica still strapped to the bench. The audience can see large amounts of cum dripping from her sex, which they know is saturated all the way into her uterus.

The audience rises to leave. A staff member escorts Tom, Kevin and Laura into Jessica's room, where she's still tied to the bench. The children stare at their defiled mother. Tom kneels behind Jessica. "Here's another way to make girls cum," he says and frigs her to another orgasm. The family leaves.

Once home, Tom sits in the den with the children to discuss what they saw. After they've talked for a while, Tom asks Laura, "would you like to have sex?"

She bashfully nods yes.

He looks at Kevin and asks the same question. "Yes," the boy whispers.

"Would you like to have sex with each other?"

After a pause and a glance at each other, both children whisper "yes."

Tom takes them to the bedroom and mates them.


Well, that was longer than I intended but still much shorter than writing a full story. Too bad I can't make money from writing this stuff.

Please send me compliments, suggestions and kinky fantasies.