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Loving the Progress

September 13, 2015
Posted at 10:45 am

I'm finally rolling on LNDtH2 Part VIII: Sins of the Father. I have three chapters nearly finished and know where this is going. It's just going to take a bit to get there. I usually try to have a part completely finished before it starts posting (even if it isn't all edited), but I would have to write at an alarming pace to get this part all complete before mid-November. It will probably put a crimp in some of my other writing in November, but that's the price we pay. I'll be in Hawaii. What do I care?

Thanks to everyone for the response to the newest Pygmalion Revisited story, "Iron Alchemy." I love writing love stories.

In editing at the moment, is a new story in Lazlo Zalezac's "Damsels in Distress" universe. If you are unfamiliar with the stories, start with Lazlo's first story in the series: The Portal: Doorway to Adventure.

I first got interested in the series when Old Man with a Pen posted Accidental Crossroads. I'd read OMWAP's scrawlings on a paper napkin, so of course I jumped right into his first story in the universe with absolutely no idea what it was all about. So I went back and read the other stories. All 34 of them by 14 different authors. Several authors added details and revised rules that sort of split the universe off. I went back to Lazlo's original eight stories and tried to set my story Sleight of Hand firmly in the universe he created without reinterpreting any of the rules. Might not have been 100% successful in that, but it doesn't require any interference by other races, portals that bypass Crossroads, or vast armies going to war to fight a conspiracy.

The story is in editing now. That means another month, I suppose, before it gets posted. My fine editors do have jobs and lives, unlike me! In the meantime, I'll be stockpiling chapters of Part VIII to overwhelm them with soon!