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Figment explained

September 12, 2015
Posted at 10:20 am

I have a feeling my readers don't understand figment. Generally writers use the word Muse to explain why they don't write for awhile. In my case…multiple personality disorder…except I know it. I was a pretty decent actor…and like George C. Scott, when I get into a part my whole personality changes because I AM the character. I was doing this before I ever heard of GCS. When I'm done with the part…the character is still there. I used to have to 'stuff' the character internally and learn how to be me again. Stuffing the character internally doesn't mean that the character is gone. He or she is still existing in me and growing with each new life event that happens to the shell my parents named David. Lesee…three characters a year in HighSchool..two a semester in college…four in little theater. And I used to sing. That is a totally different personality. Then there's the race car driver…I did that for a season and a half in Tennessee. And sang the National Anthem 10 years at two different tracks. And, believe me…there is a necessary personality necessary to sing that song. Rock and roll bands…that I was the best musician in the 20 or so bands that I hoped wouldn't break up in six months. Daddy to three kids super smart.

Lived in Wyoming, Texas, Kansas, Michigan, Colorado, Montana, Wisconsin, Tennessee long enough to be called a native…and people easily forgot that I told them I wasn't. Navy…hoo boy howdy…that's a totally different personality. So when I say Figment…she takes over and the body called David…typos. I supply the two fingers that type and the general editing…she is the storyteller.

I have no idea what comes next.

The Shadow knows